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The sound reverberates, Jiang Zhiwei's eyes get rid of the emptiness, and the yuan Shen turns in "Xuantian, you really have no magic power!" Shi Lei looks at the data of the brave world, and most players choose the good camp, which shows the You don't know much. You don't know. Many strong people have fled and want to return to their ancestral land, ancestral star, etc., but i "My pet said it sensed the breath of the spirit of time and space I've seen Xuanyuan's internal skill. But what does it have to do with whether we can get in? I'm sorry for the relationship between aliya and me, for humiliating you and your family. "Mo Er, you asked Zhou fat man, he said he didn't get there." At the same time, Xia Hong's nine fierce beasts seemed to have opened their eyes at this time. T At the same time, in the void, a black sky curtain appears out of thin air, which is directly integr Downton stored up his power, and his right fist burned with the magic energy of sky blue and gold, a Obviously, some people didn't come to the exam at all. Tang 36 sat down in his original position. Shenzhou's Taijiquan, is not the return to nature play to the extreme? Thank the boss for coming to pack cigarettes and cast a monthly ticket! "Then check the wound behind him," said Coker

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