Dong Su Zhu asked anxiously, "what's the matter? Is there any problem?" The seal on the hand suddenly toward the scroll a little, in an instant, one after another strange c The suggested Marshal nodded directly and said that he had moved. The reason why Ye Yiming left the coffee shop before was that although he was dissatisfied with Elen "Thirteen, you are so strong, you try to use your strength with all your strength, will it lead to t It is impossible to deal with the fierce beast of Zun level, that is to say, it is worldwide. In particular, the emperor's eyes suddenly contracted, and their hearts were shocked. It is used to record the name, the contract and the special information of each knight. Seeing that several people were about to leave, Hong Dali said in a loud voice, "heroes, heroes, I d The attitude of joking alone makes Dong Fang more angry with Ye Yiming. She opened her mouth gently and softly. Her voice was like a spring flowing through everyone's h Have the ability to deal with emergencies at any time. Dark star God, shuttling through the void in a blink of an eye billions of miles, soon came to a vas Although Zhu Ziliu was superior to huodu in martial arts, she was injured by huodu's concealed w At the same time, his body fell down in the direction of the spear. But secretly looked to the purple Chen, found that the other side looks still calm. The 2nd and 5th brigades will advance to Guangzhou after landing! "Only the triple cultivation of forging pulse state? Come on, let's have a look at your real cul

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